Inception of Fixing Fathers, Inc

Dr. David Asbery talks about why he created the 501 c 3, Fixing Fathers, Inc. and Why it’s so important.


Nothing is too outrageous for Damon Wayans. Whether he’s talking about family, celebrities, racism, relationships, politics, or sex, he takes no prisoners. And in Bootleg, Damon brings it all on, uncut and uncensored. Filled with laughs, craziness, and lots of truth, Bootleg will leave you hurting for more!

Celebrities: When I found out that Steven Spielberg has two black kids, I was amazed. Where did he get these kids from? Were they props left over from The Color Purple?

Black Leaders: I must have been asleep the day they elected Al Sharpton as the black representative. He is the only leader in history to show up to a rally wearing a tight red velour sweat suit with a roller in the front of his hair.

Religion: Thanks to preachers, a lot of people have given up on religion completely. Today, going to church is like going to Vegas. You’ll leave thinking, “Man, I lost $75.00 up in this motha.”


William Lee Kaplan, “Kap”, couch potato first, husband and father of four second, is on edge. After 30 years of marriage, he now has to face the possibility that his beloved wife, Clara, may no longer be there for him. As he sits in a pool of worry and regret, he can clearly hear Clara’s repeated pleas for help. Now that her life is in the hands of God All Mighty, Kap finally makes an effort to better understand their kids. What does he do or say to his oldest daughter, Melissa, whose name has become a euphimish for “angry Black woman?” How does he make sense of his son’s, Malcolm, decision to work at a lingerie shop; with a gay man mind you. And last, can he fix the bond that has been broken between his twin daughters, Brina and Tina, female counterparts of Cain and Abel? My wife, My Kids, My God! is a journey of a man and his last chance to make things right. Will Kap pull it together and finally become the father that his wife has begged him to become, or is it too late? Only God knows and right now He’s not telling.


When a man steps into an arena, whether it is a judicial arena, or sports arena, he expects the rules to be fair. He assumes that the keeper, i.e. Judge, will regulate the event with the skill and confidence needed so that both sides can agree and move on. Unfortunately, this is not what happens in Family Court, and men continue to arrive unprepared and leave dumbfounded. This book was written to help single fathers realize their significance as fathers and give them the inspiration and motivation that is needed when dealing with such issues as divorce, visitation, child support, and custody. Single Dad…Not Singled Out will inspire men to become much more aggressive when dealing with such matters. The book teaches fathers that they can be a Single Dad, and not be, Singled Out!

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