On August 31st, Fixing Fathers, Inc., held its annual Fishing with Dad’s event at the Beaver Pond Park, in New Haven, Connecticut. Parents and their children were treated to a two-hour informative training session facilitated by Doreen Abubaker and Loreen Lawrence.  Both Doreen and Loreen are certified instructors for CT Aquatic Resource Education and have been teaching courses in New Haven for 10 years.

The families learned about various fish (Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Brown bullhead, Channel Catfish, and the Redbreast Sunfish) that cohabitate in the pond.  Parents and children also learned about gear safety, pond ecology, casting, how to tie a clinch knot, and the various locations where you can catch fish in Connecticut.

After the training session, each child was able to put what they learned to the test.  They baited their hooks, aimed their fishing polls, and casted their lines into the pond.  What a sight to see!  One of the highlights of the event occurred when a seasoned  fisherman promised the children that he would help them catch a fish.  After 15 minutes of sitting still, he ended up catching two fish. A Largemouth Bass and a Brook Trout.  Of  course our smart and talented children informed him that he would have to put the fish back into the pond because according to our instructors, the fish that he caught were too small to keep. After taking a couple of pictures with the children,  the seasoned fisherman tossed both fish back into the pond.  This was a wonderful learning experience for our children and a perfect ending to our beautiful summer. WOW!

Fixing Fathers would like to thank the facilitators, all of the parents that took time out of their weekend schedule to attend the event, the mettle entertainment group, and of course, the New Haven Green Fund for sponsoring the event.For more information about this event or future events please visit us at, Where Fathers Help Fathers to be Better Fathers, One Dad at a Time.